5 Ways To Easily Prevent Air Conditioner Problems

It’s common to experience air conditioner problems at home, but nobody wants their AC unit shutting down unexpectedly. Luckily, there are simple ways you can avoid most problems with your air conditioner, from checking on the unit yourself to hiring HVAC services to perform AC maintenance.

Here are some ways you can avoid air conditioner problems in your home.

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Don’t Forget About AC Maintenance.

Scheduling regular HVAC services to inspect and maintain your AC unit will do a lot to prevent air conditioner problems. Experts can not only find problems you might not have noticed but can fix issues on the spot and do preventative maintenance. This will help you avoid issues and extend the life of your AC unit.

Get a Smart Thermostat

Older control systems and thermostats can cause many problems with your air conditioner. Old thermostats can build up grime inside it, causing it to malfunction; it may also malfunction because it’s not level, or simply stopped working after so many years. A modern thermostat can eliminate many of these problems completely. You can also save energy by controlling your AC unit from your phone or tablet.

Clear The Area Around The Unit

If the outdoor fan and condenser of your AC unit is blocked by shrubbery or has household items or leaves all over it, it will not be able to expel hot air properly. Keeping the area several feet around your unit clear and cleaning it regularly of debris and fallen leaves will prevent issues with the unit.

Check On Your AC

Generally, keeping an eye on your AC unit will help you avoid common problems with your air conditioner. AC maintenance you do yourself can be as simple as checking your energy usage and examining the unit for holes.

Replace Your Filters Every Month

Clogged filters are often the cause of airflow problems in your air conditioner because clogged filters force the unit to work harder. To avoid this issue, replace your air conditioner’s filters every month. Monthly is a good amount of time to do this, as any longer risks the clogging. Schedule it, so you don’t forget — you’ll thank yourself for preventing more problems with the filters later.

Need AC Repairs?

If you’re already having problems with your air conditioner, Vann Heating & Air’s experts can perform AC maintenance and repair in Chaska and Eden Prairie. Hiring HVAC technicians to fix any current issues can reset your unit, so you can just follow these easy steps for the rest of your unit’s lifespan.