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One of the things most Minnesotans love is the changing of seasons. It’s not every state you can experience below zero temps in the winter followed by summers on the lake that are hot and humid. This rapid weather variation definitely keeps our HVAC systems working hard all year round to keep families cool and comfortable.

Are you hearing loud sounds from your furnace or is your AC unit struggling to hold the desired temperature set on your thermostat? If so, it’s time to turn to your local HVAC experts at Vann Heating & Air. We offer fast and reliable residential heating and cooling service and installation across Victoria and the surrounding area.

Quality HVAC Services Near You
Your family’s comfort is our top priority. Here at Vann Heating & Air we are committed to delivering superior HVAC services at an exceptional value. We pride ourselves on delivering transparent pricing upfront with clear communication so you can rest assured you’re informed and know just what to expect throughout the entire experience. Our master-certified HVAC Technicians look forward to supporting all your HVAC needs across the following areas:

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Heating Repair & Installation
Furnace and heat pump repair, installation or maintenance. Includes residential zoning systems and humidifiers.

AC Repair & Installation
Air conditioner service, emergency repair or all-new unit installations. Available on traditional or ductless systems.

Maintenance Plans
Ensure your HVAC system is operating at peak performance with our annual residential maintenance plan.

Indoor Air Quality
Whole home air purification and filtration systems, a huge win for those suffering from allergies or asthma.

Tough Minnesota winters make it imperative your furnace is running at peak performance all season long. With temps ranging anywhere from below zero for up to four months out of the year, your HVAC system is going to be worked! In efforts to best keep your family comfortable all fall and winter long, you need reliable heating for your home and Vann Heating & Air has all your HVAC needs covered.

If your furnace or heating system is struggling to keep up don’t wait until the coldest day of the year for repair! Contact Vann Heating & Air for fast HVAC service and repair you can trust. We've got all your heater or furnace repair needs covered. Plus, should you need a new system we’ve got you covered there too. We offer a wide range of energy-efficient furnaces that will help make you comfortable while reducing your energy costs. Contact us today for top-notch heating solutions in the following areas:

ac repair near me victoria

Air conditioners help keep Minnesota homeowners comfortable all spring and summer long. And if there’s anything we learned from spring 2018, our air conditioners seem to be turning on earlier and earlier in the season as we’ve had record-breaking temps in the spring.

If your air conditioner is struggling to cool your home and not holding the desired temp on your thermostat, it’s time to contact Vann Heating & Air to request repair service. We understand that a home without AC is just not comfortable so we will do our best to get a master-certified HVAC technician out right away. If you’re seeking replacement we’ve got that covered too.

We service and repair all major brands and are happy to find a new AC system that is energy-efficient and will reduce your utility costs. We’re proud to offer unmatched HVAC service on your air conditioner in the following areas:

We recommend your furnace and air conditioner are professionally inspected and tuned by a licensed HVAC contractor annually before each season.

For preferred customers participating in The Vann Plan, we typically execute our AC Tune-Ups in April-May and Furnace Tune-Ups in September-October to ensure your system is operating at peak performance and ready for the upcoming season.

Behind on your preventative maintenance and experiencing an issue now? No problem, simply contact us today to schedule your annual tune-up for your furnace or air conditioner now.

Improving Indoor Air Quality in Chaska MN

Healthy indoor air quality, often referred to as IAQ, is a key concern for many homeowners as pollutants inside your home can significantly impact your health and contribute to challenges with allergies, asthma and respiratory issues. Do you have children or pets living in your home? Does anyone in your family suffer from allergies or asthma? If so, a complimentary in-home IAQ Assessment from Vann Heating & Air is the perfect place to start.

Just taking the time for a consultation with one of our comfort specialists will help educate you on the range of available system options to improve your indoor air quality. One of our whole-home solutions will prove effective at allergy prevention, dust reduction and pollutant removal. We look forward to speaking with you on our IAQ solutions in the following areas:

  • Whole Home Humidifiers
  • Whole Home Dehumidifiers 
  • In-Home Air Exchangers
  • Air Purification Systems

Emergency HVAC Services

We know that heating and cooling systems never fail at convenient times. The coldest day of the year, right before you’re hosting a large family gathering, in the middle of July when we’ve got high heat and humidity throughout the metro -- trust us, we’ve seen it!

You can rest assured that Vann Heating & Air has you covered with our Emergency HVAC Repair throughout the southwest Twin Cities metro area.

We will do our best to get a technician onsite right away because simply put, we’re not comfortable until you’re comfortable. It’s the Vann Heating & Air way.

Emergency HVAC Repairs



Contact us today! Call (952) 994-1099 for immediate assistance or schedule online now.


When it comes to staying comfortable at an affordable price, Vann Heating and Air has you covered. Our Victoria HVAC company delivers unmatched heating and cooling service and repair across all major brands. Replace your old equipment with top-notch master-certified HVAC technicians that you can trust to get it done right every time.

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    Our certified HVAC technicians take great pride in their work and it can be seen in everything they do. 

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    We provide clear, upfront pricing before any of our work begins so you can be rest assured there won't be any surprises.

  • Clear Communication

    We know units can fail at inconvenient times and we're here to help solve your problem. We will keep you informed throughout the process.

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At Vann Heating & Air, we're 100% committed to your comfort. Our team is exceptional and will deliver superior service, clear communication and upfront pricing every time. But don't just take our word for it, check out our online reviews from dozens of your neighbors and others in the local community.