Everything You Need to Know About Air Exchangers

More and more new homes are being installed with air exchangers to complement the existing HVAC system. But what exactly are air exchangers, and how can they benefit your home? Do you actually need them? And if you do, who installs them?

Let’s go through the basics to get a quick understanding of what air exchangers are and what they can do for your home.

Improving Indoor Air Quality in Eden Prairie MN

The 4-1-1 on Air Exchangers

What are air exchangers (and what do they do)?

Air exchangers are basically a ductwork system that’s installed inside the home’s walls, where some ducts pump stale air out and other ducts bring fresh air in through distribution grilles. The stale air grille is placed at the top of the house, where most humidity and hot air rises. The fresh air grilles that bring fresh air in are installed in any room of the home that needs it.

The air exchanger then brings fresh air into the home from the outside while filtering out the stale air, and manages the ventilation of the home in this way. They also make sure the amount of fresh air going in is the same as the stale air coming out, so the home maintains equal air pressure.

What are the benefits of an air exchanger?

An air exchanger can:

  • Prevent build of mold and mildew that damages your home.
  • Eliminate pollutants in the air, including smoke and vapors.
  • Eliminate moisture that accumulates in your home.
  • Improve air quality so you can breathe more easily and reduce sickness from dust and other particles.

Where can I find air exchangers?

Air exchangers can be integrated into a current system or installed independently as their own system. A professional HVAC contractor can recommend the best option for you after inspecting your home; they can also perform the installation so everything is done correctly and your home is properly ventilated.

Get An Air Exchanger Now

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