The Best Way to Improve Basement Ventilation From the Experts

Most homeowners underestimate the importance of basement ventilation. However, basements are where we usually install washers, dryers, and even water heaters, which fill the area with heat and humidity. Our basement ventilation experts will help make your basement a comfortable living space throughout the year with these helpful tips.

What’s the Big Deal About Basement Ventilation?

Proper ventilation guarantees adequate protection for your basement against moisture, mold, and radon.


In areas with poor air circulation, moisture can cause damage to appliances, furniture, carpets, and other exposed material. As moisture condensates, it falls on objects and makes them damp, resulting in a smelly and sticky basement.


A humid basement also creates the perfect conditions for mold growth. Though sometimes tricky to spot, if you find your family is constantly congested, coughing, scratching their eyes, you may have a mold problem.  


Radon is an invisible toxic gas that results from uranium decay. As uranium decays in the rocks and soil underneath your home, radon seeks through your basement. Basement ventilation systems protect your family from harmful gases, including radon.

Mechanical Ventilation: Your Best Option

While most people opt for window installation as a natural method to improve airflow in their basements, mechanical ventilation allows you to keep your basement sealed and protected from any external or internal elements. There are two main types of mechanical ventilation systems.

Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are ideal for small basements. They push stale and musty air out of your basements and allow fresh air to come in.  

Forced-Air Systems

Forced-air systems are a type of HVAC system that draws cold air from inside your home, passes it through an air filter, and then heats it with a furnace. This process continues until it matches your thermostat’s optimal temperature, resulting in a moist-free environment.

Minnesota’s Favorite Basement Ventilation Experts

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