3 Things to Check Before Emergency Heating Services in Chaska, MN

Few things create as much panic as when the heating system fails on a cold winter day. With furnaces all the way down in the basement, it’s easy to forget about the system that keeps your house warm. However, before going into full-on panic mode and calling emergency heating services in Chaska, MN, here are three things you should check.

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What to Check Before Emergency Heating Services

The Power Source

The first thing you need to check is your power source. A blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker could be preventing your furnace from working properly. Try resetting your breaker or replacing the fuse entirely to get the heat back up. 

The Thermostat

If your power source looks in good shape, check the thermostat. Though it may seem odd to check your thermostat before your furnace, your furnace will not run if the thermostat is not working correctly. Try replacing the batteries, and if your thermostat runs on a timer, make sure the day and time are accurate as well. 

Your Furnace

If your power source and thermostat are functioning perfectly, the final step is to check the furnace itself.

The Door

If your furnace’s door isn’t closed correctly, the safety switch will prevent it from running. Try reclosing the door to see if it starts up.

The filter

Check your filter for debris or anything that may be clogging it. A dirty filter causes your furnace to work harder to move air through it, which can lead to overheating and eventual shutdown. Replace the filter with a new one to see if improper air circulation was the issue.

The light

Check the light in front of your furnace, if it’s red call your local heating company immediately.

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