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Having an air conditioning system is a must for many homeowners who want to keep their houses cool as summer starts to heat up. Air conditioning installation in Chaska, MN is an absolute must. However, running your air conditioning throughout the season can be increasingly expensive.

According to the U.S. Department of energy, residential cooling systems account for 5% of all the country’s energy, costing homeowners around 30 billion dollars annually in utility bills.  

When investing in a new AC system, it is essential to choose a high-quality unit that keeps your home comfortable at any time of the year without using too much energy. If you want to learn more about the types of air conditioning in the market, here is a quick guide.

Types of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning systems come in different types, models, and designs in order to meet different cooling needs. The three most common types of AC systems are the central AC, the room air conditioner, and the ductless mini-split.

Central Air Conditioner

A central air conditioning cools the air in a central location and then evenly distributes it throughout the house using a system of ducts and registers. This option can be expensive if your home doesn’t have ductwork. However, it is a highly effective system and can last much longer than other options. If you want an AC system that cools your entire house while operating quietly, consider central ACs one of your options.

Room Air Conditioner

A window AC or portable air conditioner is designed to cool a specific room in the house. It is a single unit that can be mounted in windows or walls. Although it is less efficient than central AC systems, it is the most common and the cheapest cooling system available in the market.

Ductless Mini-split Air Conditioner

It is a highly efficient AC unit designed to cool or heat individual rooms. It consists of an outside unit and an inside unit that connects using tubing. This ductless system is quick and easy to install, and you can mount it in any wall or ceiling without restoring walls or ceilings. When compared to other cooling systems, ductless mini-splits are smaller and operate with less power.

No matter what type of AC unit you decide to install, call Vann Heating & Air for quick and efficient air conditioning installation in Chaska, MN.

We Provide Air Conditioning Installation in Chaska, MN

Are you seeking an HVAC contractor in Chaska, MN? Whether you want to replace your AC with a more energy-efficient model or give maintenance to your current cooling system, Vann Heating & Air has got you covered. We offer air conditioning installation in Chaska, MN at fair prices to find an efficient cooling solution for your home without spending too much. 


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