Guide to AC Installation

Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement Eden Prairie MN

The best way to go about AC installation in Eden Prairie is with the help of a specialist. However, if you plan on DIY’ing it, it’s wise to ensure that you know what you’re doing first. Here’s the ultimate guide to AC installation for your home.

Ensure the correct AC unit size

Make sure that your choice of AC unit is what’s suited to your needs based on the square footage of the room. Other factors such as how large the doorways are and ventilation can affect it, but capacity is the most important. 

Choosing a window

Check the window you plan on putting the air conditioning in. Fire safety and whether the unit blocks any escape routes is the number one priority, but you should also consider whether or not the unit is designed to fit casement windows, double-hung windows, or whatever type you’re planning on using.

Preparing for installation

The vast majority of units will include mountain brackets and other preparations needed to help the AC fit into place. It’s wise to have a helper to install these and lift the AC, as they can be quite heavy and can easily fall on either side of the window if not handled properly.

Placing the AC unit in the window

Raise the lower pane and position the air conditioner on the windowsill, making sure that it’s in place with any brackets or window extenders before you let go of it. Slide out the extension and level the unit, as the AC instruction manual tells you to. If it has a slight tilt on the outside, that’s normal, as most AC units are designed that way so that condensation doesn’t build up inside.

Fastening the AC unit in place

If you have brackets for the unit, tighten them until the AC is locked in place, or close the window pane down to achieve the same effect, before locking the upper windowpane into place. Secure any other extensions onto both the AC unit and the window.

Sealing the unit

Indoors, you can seal the unit using weatherstripping, which should have come with the air conditioner. On the outside, you calk around the area to make sure that it is completely sealed and airtight. Some windows with awkward openings may not seal effectively, and may need you to install plywood boards to cover up any lingering spaces.

Powering your AC

It’s wise to make sure that you don’t plug your AC into any circuits powering other energy consuming appliances like fridges or washing machines and make sure you identify the right cord for plugging your AC in. 

What if I have a different kind of air conditioner?

The guide above is to help you install air conditioners that are mounted in the window. For other types of AC installation in Eden Prairie, having a technician help you through the process is recommended as it’s much safer and saves you a lot of effort. Get in touch with Vann Heating if you’re in need of a new AC installation.

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