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Chaska HVAC services pros know how to save money on heat

The polar vortex that slammed into the northern part of the United States this year introduced many people to the kinds of subzero weather conditions that Minnesotans are proud to endure each year. Indeed, we’ve learned to thrive in a winter environment that is often brutally cold and endlessly long. Here’s what our expert Chaska HVAC services professionals want you to know about keeping warm this winter.

Save money by leaving your thermostat setting alone once it’s set
Let’s face it; heating your residence during the winter is expensive, and the cost increases every time that you raise the setting on your thermostat. Fortunately for your wallet, it’s not always necessary to touch the thermostat to stay comfortable indoors this winter. Here are a few of The Old Farmer’s Almanac ideas for keeping warm

  • Dress in layers- Your Grandmother knew what she was saying when she reminded you to put on your long underwear. One of the simplest ways to stay warm indoors is to wear multiple layers of clothes.
  • Socks- Have you noticed that socks are in style? It seems as if everyone is wearing colorful and cozy socks right now. Jumping onto the socks trend is a terrific way to keep your body warm.
  • Open the curtains- A  sunny day can warm up your home on even the coldest days when you throw open your curtains to welcome the sunshine. On the other hand, keeping your window coverings closed after dark helps to keep the inside of your house at a pleasant temperature,

Save money through indoor temperature management
How often have you walked into a chilly house and cranked the heat up to feel warm enough to remove your coat? You might be surprised to discover that turning the heat up to ninety degrees won’t warm up your house any faster than if you set the thermostat to sixty-eight degrees. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save energy and minimize your heating costs through careful indoor temperature management.

Start by determining what temperature allows you to live comfortably in your home during the day. The idea is to find a heating level that keeps you satisfyingly warm without being so high that you’re wasting energy and blowing your summer vacation budget paying energy bills. For many families, an indoor daytime temperature of approximately sixty-eight degrees is doable.

You most likely don’t need to keep your home heated to the daytime temperature while your family is asleep. After all, you won’t notice slightly cooler rooms while sleeping under a pile of luxuriously cozy blankets. The U.S. Department of Energy notes that you can save as much as ten percent on your energy bills if you’re willing to lower the overnight temperature in your home by ten to fifteen degrees.

Lastly, homeowners rely on our Chaska HVAC services experience to help keep area homes safe and warm throughout the winter. We hope that you’ll try some of our time-tested suggestions to save money and energy in a reasonably warm home.

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