Preparing for the Summer Heat in Chaska, MN

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Can you believe that summer is arriving in Chaska, MN  in a few short months? Indeed, we’ve made it through another Minnesota winter, and we’re about to be rewarded with several months of shorts-wearing weather. Keep reading for some terrific ways to celebrate the summer heat in Chaska.

Go outdoors and play

Your Mother was right when she shooed you out the door on warm sunny days. With so many outstanding opportunities to savor the sun-filled days in Chaska, it’s a smart idea to do a bit of preparation now so that you’re ready to go outdoors and play come summer. Make time this summer to participate in

  • Golf- If your fantasy of the ideal summer day involves making par at the Chaska Par 30 it’s a smart idea to book a few practice rounds before the start of league play. For a fun twist on your golf game, grab a soccer ball and get ready for FootGolf.
  • Swim- Make sure that you get some laps in at the Chaska Community Center’s indoor pool so that you’re ready to spend a sweltering summer afternoon at the Clayhole Swim Beach. Along with beach play and swimming out to the raft, the fun at Clayhole Swim Beach includes paddleboard and paddleboat rentals. Stop by the concession area for treats such as (1) ice cream, (2) hot dogs, (3) nachos, and (3) candy.
  • Dog Park- Your favorite four-legged friend is barking with excitement at the chance to run loose at Chaska’s off-leash dog parks located in Lion’s Park. Dogs are welcome at a small fenced in area and a larger wooded spot. Make sure that your pup is vaccinated and feels like playing nicely with other dogs before arriving at the park.
  • Nature- The magnificent Minnesota Landscape Arboretum has an exciting array of summertime activities to help visitors interact with the more than twelve hundred acres of botanical beauty. Consider taking a guided walk through the lovely landscapes for inspirational ways to bring native plants into your backyard.
  • Community- The Chaska River City Days is coming up on July 26-28, 2019. The population of Chaska has held this annual festival for forty-four years, and it’s a high point of the summer season. Join us in the Chaska City Square Park for (1) entertainment, (2) food, (3) car show, (4) parade, and (5) craft show.

Schedule an HVAC tune-up

It’s an unfortunate fact that many people don’t know that there is a problem with their air conditioning unit until they attempt to use it on the hottest day of the year.

Do your family a favor by scheduling an air conditioner tune-up long before the temperature heads into the nineties. We tend to get overwhelmed with service calls once the hot summer temperatures arrive into the area and you’ll have a much easier time making a service appointment if you pick up the phone to call us in late March and April.

Lastly, summer is fast approaching, and it’s time to begin thinking about how you’re going to take advantage of the warm weather months. Luckily, Chaska has an abundance of activities to keep your family happy outdoors on the sweatiest days of the year, and you can rely on Vann Heating and Air to keep your indoor environment pleasantly cool with our HVAC services.

Contact us at Vann Heating and Air to schedule an air conditioning maintenance appointment.

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